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Doug Wasmund

Doug Wasmund

  • Co-Owner

Doug is the founder and driving force behind Wasmund Racing. Without his help and support, racing at this level would be impossible.

Doug oversees all aspects of the racing team, but his main areas on race night are working with the motors and driving the transporter.

George  Tauer

George Tauer

  • Motor/Chassis

George has been with Wasmund Racing for 6 years. George has a long history in sprint car racing and as a former car owner he knows what it takes to run a successful team. George helps with all aspects of the car building process and is in charge of weekly motor maintenance. Race nights, George helps with all aspects of the car, but also works aside of Doug in the motor and gearing department.

Randy  Grimmius

Randy Grimmius

  • Will Always be Remembered

Randy was with Wasmund Racing since the beginning. Randy has been a big part of getting the Wasmund Racing Team to where they are today. Similar to George, Randy is also a former car owner, so he knows how much work it takes to operate a successful racing team and has been there whenever we need him for anything. Randy was a big help in getting the current race hauler ready to roll and with his wiring skills, he was a big help in building the current race shop. Rany was a special person and will always remembered!

Karen  Wasmund

Karen Wasmund

  • Mother & Sales
David Zitterich

David Zitterich

  • Crew Chief
  • Since: 2022
Jamie Bruns

Jamie Bruns

  • Crew/Sales
Keizer Wheels
XXX Race Co
Jackson Chiropractic
Awesome Racewear
Behling Racing Equip.
Rod End Supply
Ultra Shield Race Products
Shock Stocked
Ahrendt Designs
NAPA Auto Parts